Cloud Testing -Example Test Cases

Cloud Testing -Example Test Cases

Quality check is an old-school way to make sure your product works fine. Every product needs pilot testing. Without the pilot test, the product’s quality cannot be justified. Proper pilot testing is necessary to ensure that the product will be working. 

Now products like cars, motorcycles, or mobile phones can be tested by using them physically. But what about software? How can we test it? Software is not a physical product. To test software, you have to do it differently. 

That’s where it comes to cloud testing. Cloud testing is used to verify software cloud. By using cloud tests, it becomes more accessible, faster, and also manageable. 

What is cloud testing? 

Generally, Cloud testing is a process that refers to testing or verifying software quality on a cloud. It also refers to the testing of cloud-native software or quality assurance of cloud tools or as cloud resources. 

Cloud testing is an online process. It is a valuable process to several organizations in many ways. For example, It can reduce capital investment as well as costs. Moreover, it does not affect the goal. 

Why is cloud testing? 

Let’s say that a website or mobile application has to be tested on a pilot basis. Basically, software gets tested on reliability and performance along with its security. Software is required to test on real devices and browsers. Otherwise, it cannot be used in the digital market. 

Of course, if someone wants, he can set up a device lab in his house. He can regularly update it. But that will be super expensive. However, cloud testing is more convenient. Anyone can run tests remotely, which is much easier and cheaper. 

Benefits of Cloud Testing

While using cloud testing, there are a lot of benefits here. Here are some primary benefits of cloud testing below: 

  1. Cost Savings: Cloud testing saves you a massive amount of money. In traditional testing, it is super costly, whereas cloud testing is much less pricy. 
  2. Joint effort: While testing traditionally, one has to handle the testing single-handedly; cloud testing has an infinite helping hand. 
  3. Time Saving: Cloud testing saves time way more than the traditional way. Traditionally, this testing could take a lot more time than cloud testing. 

Examples of Cloud Testing

Cloud testing can be used for both functional and non-functional customer testing. Here are some examples below: 

  1. Practical testing: Practical testing is one such as the flaming test. 
  2. System testing: To ensure the functioning, it tests application features. 
  3. Security testing: It tests the security vulnerabilities in code. 
  4. Browser performance: It tests different web browsers’ versions. 

The cloud can be tested in many ways. Software testing is shifting to the cloud with cloud testing. Users and customers alike are benefiting from this shift. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. What does testing look like under the clouds? 

It monitors and reports real-world users traffic. 

  1. What is a cloud functional test? 

It is a test of a system’s functions and features.