Agile Transformation with CI/CD

Agile Transformation with CI/CD

A CI/CD process enables a more agile approach to software development. CI/CD is reducing the software delivery time from months to days. Frequent delivery of quality software and automation tools are helping to run the process smoothly and effectively. So how agile and CI/CD are working together and transforming the businesses? Here is a brief explanation.

CI/CD, along with the DevOps team, is transforming companies into agile ones. Software companies are achieving a competitive edge, better collaboration systems, and reliable delivery of software. Here are some ways of agile transformation with CI/CD.

1.  User Satisfaction

User satisfaction depends on the early delivery of valuable software. Organizations need to add extra values to satisfy their customers with early delivery; developers need an agile system that allows instant deployment of the changes for early delivery. CI/CD generates a unique ID that can gather feedback in a short time.

2.  Convey Information within the Development Team

Communication face-to-face is the most efficient and effective way to deliver information to individuals and teams. The agile working process allows developers to discuss directly in the CI/CD pipeline.

3.  Measure Progress

It is easy to measure the progress of the software using the CI/CD pipeline. If any software part fails in one stage, there is no need to push it to the next step before fixing it. This is called the fail-first principle. It saves time and reduces the waste of resources.

4.  Sustainable Development

The agile process focuses on sustainable development. With the help of CI/CD, teams can make the development process more accessible and transparent. The automation process auto-checks the software. CI/CD ensures the quality of the code. Thus developers can concentrate on development. It allows sponsors, developers, and users to move consistently.

5.  Enhance Technical Excellence

CI/CD maintains the excellence of the software. As a result, developers get more time to innovate new code, remove technical debt, and enhance the agility of the process. DIS and SonarQube are examples of technical excellence.

6.  Simplicity

The traditional way of investigating errors is a waste of time. Now developers can share the link in the CI/CD pipeline. The automation process auto reviews the links and provides an insight into the step where it failed, why it failed, and how to solve it.

7.  Self-organizing Team

Self-organizing teams can make fast decisions, find specific needs, and identify architectural solutions. CI/CD support teams to define, build, and deploy packages with necessary components. Here, a team can still work with one package though another team updates the connector.

Agile is a must-have part of software development. When CI/CD is used in conjunction with a DevOps team, businesses can become more agile and run operations smoothly.