DevOps Predictions For 2022

DevOps Predictions For 2022

As organizations focus on digital transformation, DevOps has become an inseparable part of the process. It supports collaborative culture, endures software reliability, enhances customer satisfaction and early delivery. With the changes in technology, the DevOps process is becoming more mature. So it is easy to say that the demand for DevOps will rise rapidly in the upcoming years. Reading this blog provides an idea about the predictions of DevOps for 2022.

Top DevOps Predictions For 2022

Massive Use of Cloud-Native Technology

Cloud-native technology is necessary to build and run applications in a cloud-native environment. Implementing cloud-native technology improves the quality of apps and supports innovation. It makes the process more secure and configurable.

Cloud-native technologies are container-based systems that allow the building of apps in the container. Developers deploy the app as a part of microservices. Then run them in the containers to make it agile. Organizations that use cloud-native technology are more capable of responding to market change.

Rise of AI/ML Approach

In 2022, organizations will see rapid growth of the AI/ML approach for business purposes. Artificial intelligence has proved its ability in every sector. DevOps with AI/ML-driven approaches provide the best solution to the business. AI helps to write code, develop and deploy them, and boost the organization’s overall performance.

ML, along with AI, increases the productivity of the company. AI and ML also support DevOps teams to take the most important decision by providing valuable data from the previous experience. Thus the demand for AI/ML, AIOps, and DataOps will be top.

Increasing Demand of Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

IaC is a crucial part of DevOps. It means managing the IT infrastructure in the cloud platform. As IaC supports automation, it removes all the possibilities of human error.

IaC provides multiple benefits like higher efficiency, easy configuration process, consistent deployment, smooth cloud-native application adoption, etc. IaC allows teams to revise the procedure of the last configuration that works. These benefits will increase the demand for IaC soon.

Adoption of Kubernetes in DevOps

The number of organizations adopting Kubernetes is increasing. Kubernetes is an easy way to share software with the operation team in real-time. The DevOps team can quickly build, test, and deploy pipelines. It improves the overall productivity of the DevOps team.

Kubernetes supports the complete automation process. Thus container management systems require fewer human interactions. Members can utilize ML and AI in analyzing, predicting, and automating the work process. Leading organizations like VMWare and RedHat are already using Kubernetes. The use of Kubernetes in DevOps will rise rapidly in the upcoming years.

DevOps adoption is the most secure investment in the modern business world. From improving quality to quick delivery, DevOps has a great future ahead.