DevOps Security Best Practices

DevOps Security Best Practices

DevOps is an inseparable part of the entire software development life cycle. So DevOps security is also related to every aspect of SDLC. DevOps security means ensuring the security and safety of the entire DevOps life cycle using the different applications of information security policy. So how can DevOps teams ensure security? Below are the best practices ways to maintain information security in DevOps.

Top Best Practices of DevOps Security’

To get the best result before implementing best practices, organizations need to combine all application development teams, including developers, test operators, and producers.

Consider DevSecOps Model

Apply DevSecOps security practice. It indicates the combination of development, security, and operation teams. Organizations need to consider using security tools from the beginning of the development life cycle. It removes vulnerabilities and silos from the road of combining DevOps and security teams. Teams can use tools like Snyk, Checkmax, etc. Security experts must evaluate all the results. Both teams also need to review the whole process before deployment.

Train Development Team

If DevOps teams are no or less aware of the security best practices, organizations need to arrange training programs. It is better to hire members with knowledge of security or train existing members as early as possible. Each member must know the basic security practices like what it is, how it works, where to use it, and its impact. As tools and technology change quickly, companies need to train the DevOps team from time to time to keep them updated with new security systems.

Improve Security Process

To run security in every step teams need to implement security processes. The responsibilities do not stop here. Teams cannot expect to get the expected security for a time. They need to revise the strategy, update them with new tools and technologies, and make necessary changes. The DevOps team also needs to monitor and audit them continuously. Developers can create transparent governance policies.

Secure Code

Developers must focus on security parameters while building application functionalities. As cyber threats are growing these days, all members of development teams need to learn about possible security best practices for coding the application. Using automation tools can help to identify vulnerabilities in the code. Developers and operators can use automation tools for multiple purposes like code analysis, configurations and vulnerability management, etc.

DevOps security best practices are not as critical as it seems to be. Combining the DevOps team with the security team and implementing best practices save the organization from security failure.