How AI Will Shape CI/CD in 2021

How AI Will Shape CI/CD in 2021

Continuous integration and continuous delivery are integral components of DevOps culture. Providing quality software in a faster and safer manner allows the organization to produce quality software. As CI/CD eliminates deployment concerns, developers and engineers prefer it. Instead, they can strive to innovate.

However, the cost of failure, misconfiguration, and outages can slow the process. To get rid of this negativity, a new solution – artificial intelligence (AI) came. From collecting data to automating the process, AI enhances the stability, durability, and sustainability of the CI/CD process. How is AI shaping CI/CD? Read this blog to learn about AI shaping CI/CD in 2021.

Enhancing Development with AI

NLP, a part of AI, has brought positivity in writing and developing new code. It helps in refactoring, auto testing and provides an augmented design. Developers can use low code without hampering the development workflows. It also increases the speed of software delivery.

Cloud-Native Solution

Now, most businesses are fully or partially dependent on the cloud. Cloud computing has become more popular as a result. More organizations are adopting the cloud to utilize high data quantities. In 2021, having a cloud-native solution is a must. Using the cloud, developers can easily integrate with Big Data or Data warehouses.

AI is increasing the capability of CI/CD. CI/CD platforms can leverage big data to provide a deeper insight. Using it, developers can deliver healthy software.

Monitoring and Observability Solution

AI empowers the monitoring and observability solution to understand the application performance better. After analyzing it can define and divide the normal and abnormal performance of the application. This solution includes integrating data, predicting, fixing, reporting defects, and completing the process as a part of the CI/CD. Among the many popular tools for providing additional insights are NewRelic, DataDog, HoneyComb, and Splunk.

Deliver a Healthy Software

The first step to improving CI/CD is to allow the team to deliver healthy software. AI helps CI/CD to add and provide additional features or insights with the software. The best practice of AI enhances the visibility of the CI/CD pipeline. Thus the organization can continuously deliver appropriate data-driven solutions.

AI is now ruling the business world. Continuous adoption of AI and Ml technologies is reshaping CI/CD. AI is enhancing the capability and maturity of CI/CD and will continue the process.