Using ML/AI to Support Infrastructure Monitoring

Using ML/AI to Support Infrastructure Monitoring

Infrastructure monitoring is a part of the software development system. Continuous monitoring ensures constant uptime and enables system performance. With modern tools and technology, infrastructure systems are also changing rapidly. Unique demand and lack of IT skills are making it more complex. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are changing monitoring by speeding up the data collecting and analyzing process and adding automation at every step.

AI and ML allow DevOps to understand the roadblocks and how to solve them. Automation saves time and makes the process easier. How ML/AI is supporting infrastructure monitoring – read this blog to learn.

Complex System and Intelligent Monitoring

Intelligent monitoring means using artificial intelligence in monitoring performance. It allows the DevOps team to get alerts in real-time. These alerts include both performance and uptime issues. In most cases, automation auto solves general issues. In case of complex issues, AI works with the human monitoring team.

Using ML and AI in monitoring free up employees’ time, save resources from waste, and increase overall productivity. Intelligence monitoring keeps the system up-to-date.

Intelligence Technology and IT Team

The role of developers and operators are changing over the years. Organizations are demanding more skills from DevOps members. These skills include monitoring to Kubernetes to machine learning. People can’t have all the skills. Here, AI and ML can play the supporting role. 

AI and ML allow developers to monitor complicated infrastructure and systems like a pro. AI and ML complete the tasks of collecting and analyzing. DevOps team solves the complicated issues.

Support Different Application

Various IT stacks support different applications. They have unique SLAs, including information about performance, uptime, and penalties. Frequent changes in infrastructure to meet the requirements may disturb the regular work. That is why having a healthy IT stack of infrastructure is a must.

AI and ML help to build a healthy IT stack. ML finds unusual data learning from past information. Though the monitoring and observability system changes over time and gets critical, ML also continuously learns from data and updates itself.

AI and ML support Infrastructure monitoring in multiple ways. With AI and ML, businesses and teams can confidently handle complex challenges.