Why does DevOps Success Require Teamwork?

Why does DevOps Success Require Teamwork?

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win a championship,” this great saying by Michael Jordan is true to gaining DevOps success.

Teamwork is the key to adopt DevOps and enjoy long-term benefits from it. Communication between developers and operators allows members to share experience and advice. Thus members can work together to make the best software according to the customer’s demand. This article will give you an idea of why DevOps success requires teamwork.

Shared Goals and Mindset

The common purpose of every business is to achieve its goals. The goal is achieved by working together as a team. DevOps is about delivering software fast but with high quality. As every developer and operator has the same goal, the best approach is to share a mindset and to work together to achieve it. Companies need to focus on making members understand the importance of DevOps and its benefits. Once people understand the situation, they will work together for their benefit.

Get Rid of Complex Roles and Responsibility

A DevOps engineer role is controversial and complex. Sometimes they need to accept extra tasks. It reduces productivity and slows the delivery process. But in DevOps culture, everyone has a fixed role and responsibility to perform. All the complex tasks are divided into group members so that individuals do not feel pressured. Visibility of the work shows what to do next, who will do it, and how the member will do it. Thus each task gets more manageable.

Work Together to Cope With Changes and Move Fast

Transforming to DevOps means changing traditional culture and moving to a new culture of collaboration and experimentation. As the change is massive, members need to slowly learn about the DevOps process, culture, and structure. When members work in a team, they share their thoughts and express how they cope with the situation. Members can also help each other to adjust to the situation. As a result, the environments get enjoyable and attractive.

Quality Team Work to Deliver Quality Products

Working in a team improves communication. Members can talk, give feedback, better ideas, and suggestions to improve. If one developer faces problems, others can cover them. Sometimes customers demand complex software that is hard to produce. Engineers share innovative ideas and work together to make it a success. Thus they can produce better code, deploy early, and deliver quality software to meet the customer’s demand.

When the DevOps team shares a single mindset and works together, they work faster and provide quality software. Build a strong DevOps team to take full advantage of DevOps.