The Ultimate Guide To SRE Resources

The Ultimate Guide To SRE Resources

The demand for Site Reliability of Engineering is higher than ever. Besides developers and operators, SRE has built a unique place at the core of the software industry. The SRE team has its works, roles, responsibilities, and tools. SRE teams also help DevOps teams with quick delivery software as part of their day-to-day responsibilities. Are you curious to learn more about SRE and its resources? This blog provides a helpful guide to SRE resources.

Foundations of SRE

Google first introduced SRE. So they are called the pioneers of the SRE movement. Google has invested a lot of money to implement, run, and provide guides via books, videos, and web pages. These things provide information about SRE and its resources. It includes Site Reliability Engineering Landing page, videos (SRE implements DevOps, DevOps vs. SRE), books (Site Reliability Engineering, the Site Reliability Workbook, Building Secure, and Reliable System).

Microsoft has also published many web pages and books that can provide ideas about SRE, improving Reliability through Modern Operations Practices, SRE on Azure, SRE talks from Microsoft, etc. They also offer courses on SRE.

Want to Learn Online? Here is a Guide.

Before learning deeply about SRE, it’s good to start with the basics. Below courses can help to get the basic idea:

· The Linux Foundation and EdX

· Google and Coursera

These courses offer people to learn about DevOps, SRE, cloud computing, Kubernetes, IaC, CI/CD, and many more. Courser offers a course called: Site Reliability Engineering: Measuring and managing reliability that gives an idea about SLOs, SLIs, measuring reliability, etc.

Tools of SRE

Here is a list of SRE for each stage of development:

· Tracking Tools: JIRA, Pivotal Tracker, Asana, Trello.

· Source Control Tools: GitHub, Subversion.

· CI/CD Tools: Jenkins, CircleCI.

· Management Tools: JFrog.

· Configuration Tools: SaltStack, Terraform, Ansible.

· Automated Response Tools: PagerDuty, Opsgenie, VictorOps.

SRE has a broad range of related resources. The above resources will help a business to get a guide and idea to get started with SRE.