Top AI-Enabled Software Development Tools

Top AI-Enabled Software Development Tools

Software programs are in high demand now. With the changing technology, software program codes are getting complex. But AI and Ml have made the process easier and smoother to solve problems and enhance the ability of the programmer. Are you curious to learn why AI is widely used in software development? Here are some top reasons:

1.  Auto-detect bugs, categorize, and fix them.

2.  It speeds up the development process.

3.  Detecting and preventing coding errors, etc.

Now let’s get some knowledge about top AI-enabled software development tools:

AI-enabled software development tools

1.  Google ML Kit

ML Kit is the most used AI-enabled software development tool. It uses a machine learning system. Android and iOS users can utilize this to enhance their personal experience. Users prefer this tool most because it can work offline and works very fast. In addition, it enables the power of APIs for labeling, barcode scanning, facial detection process, and many more.

2.  IBM Watson

Want software that works in a question-answer system? Use IBM Watson. It is capable of understanding the core notions. Its focal point is to make the business process more intelligent. It effectively operates with existing tools and helps in distributed computing. The software is compatible with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 and provides an API to developers for software development.

3.  H20.AI

Do you need an open-source platform for deep learning? H20.AI is here to help businesses to develop software and making business decisions. It is also helpful to draw insights. Standard H20 and Sparkling Water (paid version) are two types of H20.AI that help in analyzing fraud, determining risk, healthcare, and advertising technology, and CI (customer intelligence).

4.  Cortana

Cortana can do multi-tasks like answering questions, setting reminders, and many more. It has voice recognition features that can quickly detect different voices and set times faster than manual settings. It supports modern operating systems like Windows, OS, iOS, and Xbox.

5.  Google Assistant

 Google Assistant supports operating systems like iOS, Android, KaiOS and works on smartphones and devices. Using the powerful search engine, users can easily browse information from the internet. It can also schedule meetings and events, set alarms, recognize images, songs, objects’, etc. it can also understand multiple languages, including English, Swedish, Italian, German, French, and many more.

These AI-enabled software tools support developers to solve real-life problems. Businesses can choose one or multiple tools according to their needs.