How Can CI be Implemented Into Agile?

How Can CI be Implemented Into Agile?

Becoming agile and maintaining it requires a team effort, good strategies, research, and tools. Although it may seem complicated from the outside, the planned step can make things much easier for you. This post will help to learn how automation and agile work together and how to achieve CI in agile.

The Right Foundation

The first step to agile is to set the right foundation. The foundation and approaches can lead to failure. Most developers start by using the Scrum framework. Getting the most out of it suitable tools can help support continuous feedback and speed up the cycle. Here the developers need continuous Integration.


Continuous Integration refers to the zero-touch process that continuously integrates the code into the environment and helps to deliver the products non-stop. Avoiding a human decision means avoiding bureaucracy to deliver a quality product. It highly depends on the reliability of the teams and systems.

To achieve CI in agile, developers need to automate every step of the transition cycle, including submission, version control, build, test, and delivering process. Thus, it shortens the cycle, speeds up the delivery process, helps to fix bugs at an early stage, and gets more feedback.

Fixing bugs at an early stage enhances software quality. Thus members feel more confident and try to innovate more.


Teams focus on implementing autotest as it is the key to continuous Integration and becoming agile. It may take time and effort of the members at the starting point, but once teams implement it, the whole test process becomes smoother and faster. Test automation requires scripts, not coding. Developers write the code.

No-code test automation perfectly fits in the CI/CD pipeline and enhances visibility. In addition, it reduces the time to set up and maintain a continuous delivery.

Continuous Integration in agile shortens the delivery circle, speeds up the test performance, and provides quality software. Therefore, businesses should boost their CI efforts in order to be more agile.