Top Skills for DevOps Engineers in 2021

Top Skills for DevOps Engineers in 2021

A growing trend is DevOps – the union of engineering and operations teams. Rapid production and fast delivery have become crucial components of survival in the competitive IT world. DevOps teams’ ability to innovate and market faster, identify and fix bugs, and enhanced security, scalability, reliability, and flexibility are all successful business needs. However, DevOps engineers must have specific skills to accomplish all these positives. 

Top Desired DevOps Skills in 2021

1.      Linux Fundamental

Linux is a prevalent and most used operating system. Ansible, Puppet, and Chef are all tools that work with Linux efficiently and are compatible with tools such as Puppet, Chef, and Ansible. It is flexible, and developers can modify it anytime according to their needs. As DevOps includes automation at every stage, knowing scripting language (at least one) is also a must. Python is the most preferred language these days. So developers need to have python-based skills.

2.      CI/CD

The concepts of CI and CD are ones that members should have a good grasp of. CI/CD is the practice of continuous integration of the code, autotests them, and deploys the error-free code into the production. This process is less time-consuming. Because of the automation system, human intervention is minimal and less chance of manual error.

3.      Knowledge of Various Tools

From monitoring to automation, teams need to use various tools to achieve automation and complete desired tasks. It includes monitoring, testing, automation, orchestration, control, management, collaboration, and many more tools. Some of the most famous tools are Decker, Kubernetes, Git, Puppet, Chef, Ansible, Jenkins, Bamboo, Selenium, Splunk, etc. Engineers’ skills are crucial to the success of these tools. Therefore, they need to choose the most suited one and effectively use it to build, manage and configure.

4.      IaC

The modern provisioning system is fully automated. Traditionally developers used to provide IT infrastructure manually. It was a tiresome and lengthy process. But modern technology like cloud computing and containerization technologies has changed the whole situation. Now they need an automated script and auto-configuration tools, and the expected infrastructure is delivered within seconds.

5.      Soft Skills

Besides technical skills, DevOps engineers need to have some soft skills. For example, they need to meet with clients, understand their needs, work in a team, and meet customers’ expectations with high-quality performance. That is why developers and operators need soft skills like- listening, communication, self-control, trusting, positive understanding, avoiding conflicts, etc.

The following are five of the most demanding skills DevOps engineers need today. Developing these skills is the first step to achieving success as a DevOps professional.