Test Automation in DevOps Lifecycle

Test Automation in DevOps Lifecycle

Test automation is an inseparable part of a successful and high-quality DevOps lifecycle. It not only helps to achieve quality and quick delivery but also continuous testing. Are you ready to gain high productivity at a low cost? Adopt test automation. What is it? Why do you need it? How to implement? Throughout this blog, you will get an overview of test automation in DevOps.

Test Automation in DevOps: What and Why

Some tests are repetitive, and Developers need to test them again and again. Using a set of practices, users can do tests automatically and manage them. Test automation refers to this process. It ensures improved software quality. 

Businesses need test automation for multiple reasons. Every company’s primary focus is to deliver high-quality software within the deadlines. Here they can use test automation to

· Find defects and fix them.

· Increase efficiency and coverage.

· Remove bottlenecks.

· Save time and energy.

· Increase productivity, reliability, and predictability.

Businesses can reap numerous benefits from test automation. But how can automated testing be done?

How to Build Test Automation? How to Find the Right Tool?

The first step towards test automation in the DevOps lifecycle is to map out the release pipeline. The developers need to identify all the stages of release, gates, requirements, feedback, and all the procedures of the release cycle. Following best practices can help to get started:

· First, find the easiest flows to automate. These need to be repeatable.

· Test every flow individually to understand the aftereffect of case failure. It is better to build reusable components.

· Developers need to build automated test cases independently and separate from each other to schedule them together.

· Businesses need to choose a platform in which all the developers and operators can work together. The collaborative and sharing mind of DevOps teams is a must for success.

The last but most important thing is to find the right test automation tool. Before choosing, developers need to consider some facts like:

· All the members, including developers and operators, need to know how to use it.

· The tool needs to be integrated with CI/CD tools.

· The tools can run multiple infrastructure environments.

· Time and cost-effectiveness.

· Easy to collaborate with members on automation cases.

Test automation is the best solution for the DevOps cycle to make the process easier and faster. Manually performed tests slow down the process and reduce the quality. Test automation ensures speed, quality, and high accuracy.