Continuous Delivery: How to Ensure High Performance?

Continuous Delivery: How to Ensure High Performance?

Continuous delivery leads developers to create consistent, quality, and dependable applications. Automation speeds up the process and helps to deploy in a short time (in most cases within minutes). Without CD, developers need to wait for weeks to months to develop, test, and deploy code. But businesses can enjoy advantages when they ensure the high performance of CDs. This post will help to learn about how to ensure high performance in continuous delivery.

Before knowing how to ensure high performance, let’s have a look at the benefits:

1.      Cost reduction.

2.      Improve performance and workflows.

3.      Enhance teamwork and customer experience.

To enjoy these benefits, organizations have to follow the best practices of CD.

Ways to Ensure High Performance of CD

Here are some steps to follow:

Test Automation

The first step towards the high performance of continuous delivery is to automate the testing process. Keeping staff for usability testing, regression testing, functional testing is costly and unnecessary. It is both time and cost-effective to automate the repetitive testing processes. It also helps to manage test data and improve software quality. It provides benefits to all the teams, including developers, business analysts, and operators.

Deployment Automation

Want to remove manual intervention in the deployment process? Deployment automation is here to speed up the delivery process, reducing errors and manual interventions. Using it, teams can deploy within minutes, while traditionally, they need at least one week to complete the deployment process. Research has shown that auto-deployment reduces software defects by 25%.

Test Data Management (TDM)

Another essential part of effective continuous delivery is Test Data Management (TDM). It requires adequate data on demand. It predicts the possible performance. Too much data can create bottlenecks and slower the delivery process. That is why members need to manage test data and focus on automation carefully. They need to use the correct size TDM. A successful TDM results in:

1.      Faster and quality delivery

2.      Enhance customers’ experience.

3.      Improve productivity.

High performance is achieved through automation and testing. The best practice of test automation, deployment automation, and test data management can significantly improve the performance of development teams. Improved function and quality software are what customers want. So to get the best out of continuous delivery, these three practices need to go hand-in-hand.