DevOps Culture in the Hybrid Cloud

DevOps Culture in the Hybrid Cloud

In 2021, more companies are moving to the cloud than ever. Though it takes a little time to move to the cloud, it is the most cost and time-effective solution for businesses. But companies are facing challenges using the public cloud. Again they also have to manage their private cloud. So now, instead of using private and public clouds separately, businesses are focusing on moving into the hybrid cloud. The success of a hybrid cloud is impossible without adopting a DevOps culture. Before going ahead, let’s briefly learn about hybrid cloud and DevOps.

Hybrid Cloud – What is it?

Public and private cloud computing make up a hybrid cloud. It is more flexible than using the individual types of cloud. It is cost-effective. The cost fluctuates as it follows pay as you use the system. A hybrid cloud is easy to manage.

Defining DevOps

DevOps culture refers to the shared understanding and responsibility between the development and operation teams. It improves the communication system and enhances the transparency of the work.

So how hybrid clouds and DevOps culture are related to each other? In this post, you can learn how DevOps culture works in the hybrid cloud.

Why is DevOps in a Hybrid Cloud?

In a hybrid cloud, technical teams may face issues in maintaining clear communication. For this, they need to go through training. Adopting DevOps is a better option to bring both developers and operators in one place. Both hybrid cloud and DevOps support automation. DevOps prefer quick delivery of the applications. It allows teams to quickly adapt to the changing practices of software in the hybrid cloud. DevOps culture includes adopting CI/CD, reducing errors, and speeding up the development process.

DevOps, Hybrid Cloud, and New Technology

A hybrid cloud is advantageous, but it is a little bit of a complex process. Traditional systems alone cannot deal with the complexity. They need new technologies (like microservices) and architectures to build automation and speed up the process. DevOps teams help to create tools and languages to decrease the complexity.

Changing Culture and DevOps

With the changes and improvements, DevOps brings new culture to the organization. To make the DevOps culture a success, business needs to work step by step.

Communication is the first step. Both developers and operators need to communicate and understand each other’s work. It will encourage them to work together. Next, they need to make their teams work together on the same task. This will create an excellent shared DevOps culture for the teams.

DevOps empower the hybrid cloud journey. This process makes the deployment process faster with zero errors. Teams can confidently work in the hybrid cloud. DevOps culture in the hybrid cloud has made the IT team’s work more accessible and practical.