What’s the Point of Automated Testing?

What's the Point of Automated Testing?

Using automated testing will significantly increase the efficiency, accuracy, and productivity of a software program. In addition to performing repetitive tasks, automated testing includes robotics and API automated test-cases, predictive analysis, and others. Why are businesses rapidly adopting automated testing? This blog will help you to discover the reasons.

Why Automation in Software testing?

Automation has helped lay the groundwork for modern delivery and development practices. Below are some reasons why businesses require test automation:

1.      Increase Productivity and Fast Delivery

Test automation means automating the repeated tasks. Manually doing repeated tasks takes weeks to complete, while automation takes a few hours only. It increases the speed of the development cycle and ensures frequent release. As automation does not require any human touch, developers can set the system for nighttime and get the results ready before starting the morning.

2.      Accuracy

Accuracy is another benefit provided by test automation. As everything is set in a repetitive form and automation follows continuous learning, there is no way of making mistakes in any steps. The test cases are precise and erase the risks of failures.  

3.      Cost-effective

Automated testing is cheaper than manual testing. Once developers create and set a test script, they can use it as many times as they want without any intervention. The autotest can even work 24/7 without any additional cost or human touch. It reduces the cost of hiring manual testers. It saves costs in the long run and increases ROI.

4.      Quality and Feedback

Auto testing provides instant feedback to respond to the issues quickly. Manually testing requires weeks to get feedback. It reduces the value of the software and increases customer dissatisfaction. On the other hand, test automation helps to respond quickly and solve issues in real-time, increasing customer satisfaction.

5.      Implement DevOps

Want to implement DevOps and enjoy continuous integration and delivery? First, implement test automation. It is the critical tool for implementing DevOps and CI/CD. Continuous delivery requires fast testing without any errors, and that is possible if members use the auto system. There are multiple automated testing tools to help remove the bottlenecks and enhance the quality and speed of the DevOps system.

Automation of testing provides businesses with the benefits of modern software development methodologies, such as increasing test efficiency, speeding up delivery processes, and reducing costs without sacrificing software quality.