Cloud Automation Vs Cloud Orchestration

Cloud Automation Vs Cloud Orchestration

Cloud automation is a new but most popular concept of modern technology. Businesses use automation tools and processes to run functions in the cloud smoothly. Cloud orchestration is the process of automating workflows from a higher level. So both of them feel the same thing as they do automate. But are they the same thing? In a word, no. How? Let’s find out below.

Cloud Automation

Cloud automation tools remove the need to use human workers to execute workflows in a cloud environment. As an automated process is more effective in managing resources and identifying needs, businesses can reduce the waste of resources. Continuous monitoring predicts and solves the possibility of security pitfalls.

Automation is a significant part of cloud strategy. Developers need to find out which tasks they can automate. They also need to search for the best tool that fits their requirements. Here are some use cases of cloud automation:

· Provision cloud infrastructure

· Identify provision and manage them

· Deploy a new release application

· Monitor and fix issues

· manage multiple clouds with a centralized auto tool.

To effectively manage the cloud, automation is the first step to take. And to coordinate automation from an overall perspective, businesses need cloud orchestration. Now let’s gather some knowledge on cloud orchestration.

Cloud Orchestration

In short, cloud orchestration is the picture of overall cloud automation services. Most times, organizations use different services and separate clouds. Orchestration coordinates all of them from a higher level. It also coordinates terms, functions, services, securities, etc., and outlines the workflows.

Here are use cases of cloud orchestration:

· Combine distinct automated tasks in a single workflow

· Automate the server setup.

Cloud Automation vs. Cloud Orchestration

Though developers prefer to use them together, they have different focus points and functions. Automation focuses on zero-touch individual processes. On the other hand, orchestration’s focus point is automating the entire workflow. Cloud automation can be of different types. One of them may support configure network systems. Another one supports installing an operating system on a server. Orchestration combines them in a single workflow. Seeing this workflow, developers can understand the overall zero-touch process of the organization.

Cloud automation is a part of cloud orchestration. Automation can work independently, but orchestration is dependent on cloud automation. Use cloud automation and orchestration together to get the most out of them.