Why Are The Top Internet Companies Choosing SRE?

Why are the Top Internet Companies Choosing SRE?

SRE brings the bright spotlight on technological innovations and cloud capabilities. Top internet companies like Google, Netflix, and Alibaba have successfully implemented SRE and gaining higher profit. SRE engineers are building a solid system to develop the IT industry. Different departments can adopt different SRE teams according to the types of work.

What are the responsibilities of Site Reliability Engineers?

Site Reliability Engineers are not responsible for any individual task. Besides maintaining the R&D and O&M department, they are also responsible for:

· Ensuring service availability,

· Quality system performance,

· Capacity planning,

· Quick response to the changes, and

· Managing and continuously monitoring the overall system.

Are you still confused about its necessity? Let’s have a deeper look below.

Why choosing SRE over Traditional O&M System?

With the increasing innovation of technologies and users, challenges are rising. These challenges include bottlenecks, high-configuration, security issues, frequent noises, volumes of data, product and service quality, lack of resources, etc. SRE is capable of understanding the changing situation and take real-time actions.

SRE helps in capacity planning and improving performance. Every day businesses are managing increasing service needs. A large volume of data is adding to the server, and they need to deal with long requests. In the future, this problem may only increase. SREs can manage workflow engines and the rapid growth of data. They build different frameworks to manage workflow, to support business Idempotency and batch caching.

Maintaining a database and its security is an essential aspect of SRE. Improper handling of the database can lead to a critical situation. SRE control database stability. To get benefits in the long run, they optimize the database. Sometimes they achieve historical data to reduce required space. Many of them use the index optimization process. A project-based approach is taken to control alert configuration.

SRE monitors the changes, tracks them, and reviews the code. They connect the platform to a robust control system to ensure the security of the process. Engineers are also responsible for automating repetitive tasks that require human intervention. They establish a culture of continuous improvement with a long-term plan. They provide services 24/7 and solve issues as soon as they get alerts.

SREs are always ready to take risks and face challenges. They focus on stability, innovation, and quality. They can think and embrace new technology. That is why top internet companies can’t help but choosing SRE.