DevOps and AIOps: Better Together

DevOps and AIOps: Better Together

AIOps provides a unique solution to the changing operational challenges. DevOps enriches experiences by meeting customers’ demands on time. IT teams are continuously trying to cope up with the changing situation. Manually doing all the tasks is becoming impossible. Can you guess how businesses are overcoming these situations? Businesses are transforming their ITOps into AIOps. Now they are using DevOps and AIOps together to ensure a manageable, efficient, and profitable future.

A Brief History of DevOps and AIOps

DevOps has changed the traditional working culture of teams. In the past, Developers and operators used to work separately. There was a huge communication gap. Teams had to wait for the other teams to complete the tasks. In the DevOps system, both teams work together. It increases the reliability and scalability of the services. As they do not have to wait for other teams, they can save time.

With the changing situation, managing IT and making software is getting critical. It is decreasing the productivity of the members. Teams are confused about whether they should fix emergencies first or work to grow the software business. It leads to serious negative consequences. To get rid of this situation, businesses have invented a new operating system called AIOps. It means using artificial intelligence for IT Operations. It helps to gain control over the software-making process, quickly detect and solve issues.

DevOps and AIOps for a Better Software Industry

AIOps provides unique solutions in operational processes. It also helps with strategic solutions. Developers and operators can focus more on building complex code and solving critical issues. AI-based operations can integrate tools and infrastructure that are costly and complex. ML continuously monitors the data and generates information for AIOPs so that it can send alarms accordingly. The automation process solves some of the alerts on its own. Here ML provides potential solutions by learning from previous steps. AIOps helps DevOps teams to work remotely by visualizing the operational system. It helps members to understand the complex infrastructure and what they need to do to solve the issues. It sends real-time alerts. Teams can work together in sync and predict future problems.

AIOps learns the expected behavior of the code. Using Machine Learning compares past data with the new code to find abnormalities. It continuously observes and monitors the data to find issues in real-time. It also finds the root cause and eliminates it. 

Now DevOps teams have to embrace AI in operational tasks to get a better solution. Businesses have to free up members to do the core work and let AI handle the routine operational tasks. Thus they can ensure higher customer satisfaction with higher profit.