Top Five Benefits of CI/CD You Should Not Ignore

Top Five Benefits of CI/CD You Should Not Ignore

In a traditional software development system, team members need to check every small feature to fix bugs manually. If the team misses even the smallest error, it leads the software to fail. The worst part of manually doing every work is; it takes a lot of time and energy. The possibility of human error is also higher than the automated system. To solve all these problems, producing high-quality software businesses uses a Continuous Integration/ continuous deployment system.

Top Benefits of CI/CD

In CI/CD, every stage of software building, testing, and deployment works automatically. CI helps to reduce the risk, and CD helps developers to pass the code into production continuously. Read more below about the benefits of CI/CD:

1.      Code Quality and Release Cycle

The most potential benefit of using CI/CD is the improved quality of software. Developers can integrate their code into small batches and share it with the team members. They can work together to find and fix bugs. Automation has reduced the time of finding the bugs. Thus members can fix the bugs in a short time and deliver the software frequently. It increases the release cycle.

2.      Time Effective

Sometimes Developers may require to make some changes to the code. In an automated process, it is relatively easy to handle the changes and fix the issues. CI/CD quickly test the changes and integrate them with the process. It reduces the roadblock even if the members are working from remote areas. This system reduces the time of reviewing and integrating the changes.

3.      Bug Fixing and A Reduced Backlog

The main reason for software failure is bugs or errors in the code. CI/CD tests the system design, find where the bugs are, reasons for bugs, and sends the signal to the developers. These tests are done before it creates a critical issue. Thus developers can fix them in real-time.

4.      Transparency and Accountability

Besides fast testing, CI/CD helps the team to perform better. Steps in CI/CD workflow are interrelated. Thus it enhances accountability among the members. Continuous integration makes the process transparent. Members can easily find bugs and fix them. With automation, developers can focus more on their core work instead of wasting time testing the code.

5.      Customer Satisfaction

Multiple benefits of CI/CD improves the quality of the product. It ensures continuous delivery. As automation takes the lowest time to complete the test process, developers can deliver the software in real-time. Thus customers can also get the value on time. CI/CD makes developers reliable and increases customer satisfaction.

Implementing CI/CD provides multiple benefits to the DevOps teams. It not only reduces the time of testing but also makes the software reliable. Improved quality of the products attracts more customers. That is why businesses prefer using CI/CD.