Measuring the success of CI/CD

Measuring the success of CI/CD

Software and IT are the key elements of innovation in organizations. That’s why providers are concerned about delivering new and quality software in the shortest possible time. Continuous integration and delivery ensure that DevOps teams are getting alert as soon as the process finds an error. It also tests the software in production to see if the products work or not. Thus providers can rest assured that customers are getting quality products. As the process is fully automated, teams get the result very fast.

How to measure CI/CD success

Continuous Integration and Continuous Development improve teams’ performance and business productivity. To know the improvement, they need to measure success. Here are four ways to measure success:

1.      Delivery cycle time

Delivery cycle time shows the time the DevOps team needs to provide quality software. The time starts the second the work begins. It lasts till the moment it is providing value to the customers. Automation helps to complete the tasks faster than the traditional system. Thus the shortest cycle time proves the success of the business.

2.      Time of getting value

There is a time gap between writing a code and getting value from it. Firms get value when they deliver it to the customers. By measuring the time to value, teams can measure their success. The less time it takes to get value, the more they are successful. Continuous integration and deployment help to find errors in real-time to make the time short.

3.      Error and cost

DevOps teams are always focused on uptime. Strong CI/CD strategy automates the whole process. Thus members can focus more on their core job. The members also need to focus on the number of errors found in each stage and infrastructure costs. Achieving operational goals are also a way to measure CI/CD success.

4.      Employee retention

If developers are happy with the working system, the business will have a low retention rate. When DevOps teams are happy with the new process, automation system, and applications, they will stay in the organization. Thus retention rate is a way to find success in CI/CD.

Measuring CI/CD helps businesses to know whether they are improving and how much they are improving. Teams can find errors and know where they need to improve. Thus organizations need to measure success from time to time.