DevOps Failure! How to Avoid Them?

DevOps creates a culture where the development team and operation team work together. Its primary purpose is to help the team to provide quality products faster than others. It builds a strong relationship between the team members and makes their works more accessible. For getting all the benefits, it is important to implement DevOps properly. Otherwise, it can turn in to an enormous problem.

Sometimes it is hard to understand what to do to avoid DevOps failure. This blog will provide a guide about why DevOps fails and how to prevent failure.

Why DevOps Fails?

Before moving towards the way to avoid failure, it is essential to know why DevOps fails, and then it will get easy to find the solutions. 

Here are some reasons why DevOps fails:

  • Sometimes businesses only create DevOps department, not DevOps mindset.
  • If the manager does not divide the works equally, developers sometimes feel burdened and do not provide quality work.  
  • DevOps helps to achieve bigger goals. But setting unrealistic goals is impossible to achieve.
  • Sometimes businesses try to keep the old structure even after implementing DevOps. Which creates a complicated situation and fails to manage.

These are the main reasons behind DevOps failure. Now it will be easy to understand how to avoid them.

Ways to Avoid DevOps Fails

Create A DevOps Culture

While implementing DevOps, it is important to consider culture. Culture means the practices, standards, and beliefs that peoples are following from years after years. Every business has its own culture. But after implementing DevOps, the culture will change. The owner has to understand if employees are ready to consider a different culture, are they mentally prepared to accept the new things. If not at first, he should motivate his employees. Then, implement DevOps and introduce it as a new culture.

Choose the Perfect DevOps tools

The teams have to understand their situation, DevOps’ tools, and the power of the software development team. They need to be trained about DevOps tools. They also have to consider DevOps as a philosophy. They need to set the standard of behaviors and practices for DevOps.

Proper Utilize of Employees and Processes

Suppose managers think that only proper tools can make DevOps a success, then it will never be a success. Choosing productive and skilled employees is also essential as they are the ones who will implement DevOps. They need to train all the employees, improve their mindset, and encourage them to walk on the improved road. When employees understand the processes and their importance, they will automatically work correctly.

Transition to DevOps is not possible overnight. The implementation of the process and to cope up with it needs some time. So business has to be ready to give them proper time. After implementing it, they need continuous monitoring to solve small errors. Thus it stops creating bog issues. Efficient employees, proper mind setup, and effective process makes DevOps a success.