DevOps Engineer- Roles and Responsibilities

DevOps is a way to reduce the gap between development and operation teams by combining them. It helps to release small features within a short time. Also, It reduces bugs and shortens lead time. The traditional waterfall model has many limitations. DevOps overcome all these limitations and provide the best product. Some of the most popular DevOps tools are Git and GitHub, Jenkins, Selenium, Docker, Kubernetes, Puppet, Ansible, etc.

There is confusion on who is a DevOps engineer? Does he work with the development team or operation team, or he writes codes? This blog will give you a precise idea about who are DevOps Engineers and their roles and responsibilities.

DevOps Engineer- Who is S/He?

DevOps engineer is someone who understands the whole life cycle of software development. He can recognize every kind of automation tool that helps to develop digital pipelines. They work with both development and operation teams. Their main job is to oversee the code release. 

A DevOps engineer who can be a developer can also be an operation team member who moves to the development side to improve the planning of tests and deployment. 

Roles and Responsibilities of a DevOps engineer

Here are some roles and responsibilities of DevOps engineers:

  1. Communicator: DevOps engineer work as a communicator. He has to work with both development and operation teams and professionals. So he no communicates with everyone from time to time.
  2. Collaborator: DevOps engineer helps to implement DevOps and create a bridge to collaborate their work. So the engineers have to create workflow processes and assign tenants. It provides the surety of giving quality release. 
  3. Release: DevOps engineer is responsible for releasing new features. He ensures the stability of the post-release product.
  4. Planning and Testing: one of the most critical roles that DevOps engineer plays is infrastructure planning. He has to plan the integration of the system. He tests all the products before releases.
  5. Automation: The principal responsibility of a DevOps engineer is automation. He does many works in an automated process that others do manually. Using the automation process, they provide more codes than other IT engineers. 
  6. Secure system: DevOps engineer is responsible for code and product security. They protect the clouds from viruses and hackers. He takes the necessary steps from the beginning of the building of the software. 

DevOps success much depends on its engineers. The right person to fulfill all the responsibilities is a must. A skillful DevOps engineer leads the business towards success.