Top 5 DevOps Secrets for Job Seekers and Interested People

DevOps is a process to combine the development team with the operation team. It sounds easy, but its working area is vast and complex. Here are some secrets of DevOps that job seekers and others need to know:

1. The name DevOps has plenty of meaning

It is easily understandable that the Word DevOps is a combination of two words development and operation. But this name is a reminder of the core purpose of DevOps to bring traditionally isolated development and operation teams into a more significant coalition. This name was given in 2008 at a conference “Agile Infrastructure and Operations” in Toronto. 

2. DevOps is not all about technology, and it’s not just for IT anymore

”Cloud” to ”Container,” everything refers to a set of technologies. But DevOps is not all about technology. DevOps is not a payroll processing or a job for only one team to perform. It is not possible to buy a “box of DevOps”. DevOps is an ongoing improvement process where there is no finishing line. DevOps principles are speed, agility, efficiency, reliability, and quality. These principles are applicable not only in IT teams; they can be used in any organization. It works as a powerful business strategy.

3. DevOps most famous book is pure fiction

The most famous book written on DevOps is ”The Phoenix Project.” It includes a definitive case study of DevOps to solve real-world IT problems. The subtitle of this book is ”A Novel about IT, DevOps, and Helping Your Business Win.” 

Though this book is total fiction, it gives a neat idea about DevOps culture and its need to modernize approaches to IT operations. 

4. DevOps correlates with business success

DevOps is necessary not only for the IT department’s excellent results but also for business success. DevOps helps the IT team to perform higher. The higher performance allows businesses to lead towards success through outcome. Here, outcomes are measured by productivity, profitability, and market share. 

Customers prefer organizations that can deliver efficient and accurate software in the shortest time. DevOps is capable of doing so.

5. DevOps can and should be quantified

DevOps is a very effective way to meet customer’s needs. Its main goal is to improve quality and time to market. The defining measure of success is an essential exercise for DevOps. There are many ways to measure the DevOps effect –

  • Deployment frequency: Small and frequent releases.
  • Volume: Frequent releases should not lower change volume. 
  • Lead Time: Time code’s use to get from development to production.
  • Mean Time to Recovery: time to recover from failures and other issues.

DevOps helps an organization in achieving success. Before accepting a DevOps job or planning to implement it, it is also important to know about it very well. It will help to make decisions.