Why Businesses Need AIOps?

AIOps (Algorithmic IT Operations) is an application that uses smart algorithms to solve IT issues and automate repetitive jobs. It uses machine learning and data analytic to analyze big data from tools and devices of IT operation. 

Why AIOps?

For businesses with complex and dynamic IT environments, AIOps has become a necessity. The increase in containers, distributed architectures, microservices, and clouds has made the data overload visible. To control these businesses need AIOps.

Here are some reasons or benefits for why businesses need AIOps:

Digital Transformation: Digital transformation adds more value to the company by saving time and effort. They can use this time to do innovative work. It helps to get the visibility of infrastructure and applications. 

• Improve collaboration:

AIOps helps to collaborate between IT groups and other units. With continuous communication, customized reports, and dashboards, the team can understand their works better and complete it correctly. 

• Faster Deployment: 

AIOps makes business life more comfortable. To repair performance issues in IT organizations, it takes 1 hour time on an average. With the help of AIOps, businesses can deploy automated actions with embedded business logic. 

• Reduced MTTD and Faster MTTR: 

AIOps decreases the average time of MTTD by 60% and MTTR by more than 50%. It does this by increasing business agility. It removes excessive stress and fatigue. 

• Greater Visibility:

AIOps helps to get the greater visibility of the business, information, operations infrastructure, and network. It helps the member to understand the whole situation.

• Real-time Analysis:

AIOps analyzes a significant volume of IT telemetry from disparate sources by implementing different types of algorithms in real-time. 

• Alerts and Notifications:

IT noises create problems like higher operating costs, availability and performance issues, risks, etc. AIOps not only reduces noises but also eliminates these by creating correlated incidents. 

• Overcomes Monitoring and Analytics Challenges:

AIOps predicts performance issues and gives solutions to resource utilization. It identifies problems using cluster and anomaly detection.

AIOps provides a single primary tool of analysis across the whole process, reducing the need for multiple devices.

• Adds Value:

AIOps adds value to alert management, ML, correlation, automation, data management, real-time analysis, full-stack data monitoring, and microservice monitoring. 

From proving alert, notification, real-time analysis to automate the whole process, AIOps helps the business to improve from every aspect.