Why a business needs DevOps?

DevOps is a system where a software development team and information technology operations team work together. It helps to provide continuous delivery and to shorten the life cycle of the development.

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Many businesses have started to implement DevOps as it is beneficial to the company and its productivity.

Why businesses should increase adaptability towards DevOps? 

1. Promotes culture: In a DevOps environment development and operation, teams work together. It helps to increase effective communication and collaboration. It develops trust between members; thus, they work with full force and make themselves productive. As they are working together, they do not have to wait for other teams to fix bugs. So, the product can be delivered in a short time.

2. Productivity: DevOps is a fast and continuous process of developing, testing, operating, and deploying, which results in increased productivity. It decreases the possibility of failure. As DevOps uses the same environment, the useless job of transferring data between different situations can be avoided.

3. Competitive advantage: The development cycle time can be shortened by increasing the frequency of releasing code. In a traditional system, a product needs 3 to 6 months to bring from requirements to release. Implementing DevOps, it can be turned into an hourly or daily release build cycle. Thus the business gains a competitive advantage.

4. Reduction in cost: DevOps is a single integrated workflow. So less number of team members are needed, which results in reducing capital expenditures and operational expenditures.

5. Recovery: DevOps helps to shorten the development cycle; execution of a massive number of codes is possible within a little amount of time. Thus the bugs in the systems can be very easily detected. Using agile programming deployment errors can be reduced. The combined teamwork helps to recover quickly.

6. Customer satisfaction: DevOps provides high-quality software to the final users so that they are satisfied. Your business will be able to achieve its goal efficiently and effectively through customer satisfaction. DevOps creates a strong bonding between the company and the customer by providing reliable software within a short period.

DevOps helps a business to cope up with changing markets, with better efficiency and an increase in gaining competitive advantage.

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