Who Is DevOps Engineer?

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You are searching for good content to understand clearly. If you know what is DevOps then Described here we see below in a detail about a DevOps engineer and his/her experiences and their working.

Who is the DevOps Engineer?

DevOps engineer is the person who has proficient knowledge of configuration management and development tools, cloud platform, scripting, and coding. He experiences in developing continuous developing pipelines or continuous integration. He has to capable to maintain good communication skills in his professional platform.

He works in a company or organization. He is pretty interested in deployment and network operation, or sysadmins for this reason he makes his passion as his profession. He is always ready to work according to the plan which he gets from the authority management. He needs to develop the same systems or technology with new features and solve all of the problems. He works in a team, where a senior who leads the process and control them by providing all of the instructions properly to achieve the goal of the company or organization.

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How does he work?

A DevOps engineer works in a team, where a developer is working in terms of software with modules and algorithms in the plan.

According to the plan, he gets started to do coding by using tools and gits for restoring the codes as a different version. Which is called controlling version. After he sends it to the building session where it patches and makes it executable. Then the deployment product is tested to find out the bugs or errors.

When the product is tested then it sends to another department which is called the operation department, there it deploys to configure in different tools like puppet, docker, etc. that automat in the stage.

Now every product is continuously monitoring in the networking environment. Then the feedbacks send to the planning stage.

Finally, He comes to the core of the DevOps process which is the integrated stage. Where tools use such as Jenkins is responsible to send the codes to build and test. If the codes pass the test then it further sends for deployment.

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