SRE: Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)

Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) can be described as the system that includes software engineering in that way it’s corporate and incorporates aspects moreover, we can say SRE’s approach is to apply a software engineering mindset to system administration factors as well as applies them for many operational problems. The term SRE helps to solve organizational problems as quickly as possible. It is not only creating highly reliable software systems but also builds a strong connection between Development and Operations for better understanding, we can like a hybrid process Here Development and Operations work together.

If “A“ is a Site reliability engineer. He/she will be doing or developing new features and at the same time, he will also ensure that production systems run smoothly and reliably by his/her work. SREs enable development teams and helps large-scale systems with the continuous introduction of new features.

Who is a Site reliability engineer?

Any Individual who works in both Software Engineering and IT Operations. Site reliability engineer is a title and the person who holds this title that individual works with software developing a program, software developers and ensure that the company or organization IT system, Computer technologies systems are running well and stable with good condition.

Who invented SRE?

Benjamin Treynor (in 2003)

Do you know?

SRE is more defined as to architect a fully automated IT infrastructure, while DevOps is more concerned about an Agile or Lean development team – they used to serve infrastructure as code/tasks to coders when needed.